The Best Time to Haggle in Divisoria

Posted by Dyimz | 8/13/2008 04:43:00 PM

We know that Divisoria is the best place to buy cheap clothes, school supplies, toys, and a lot more. Even in the news, they always tell that Divisoria is the best place to buy if you are in a very tight budget.

We live here in Tondo, and Divisoria is just a few steps away. My mom is, I can say a 'mainstay' of Divisoria. Whenever she saw a good item in big time malls, she will look for that item in Divisoria and almost 80% of the time, she will find that item and in a much cheaper price. Sometimes, she even tell me that she saw that item(in big time malls) for a lesser price(in Divisoria). That is how she knows Divisoria.

And those lessons through her experience are being passed to me whenever we have time to talk. So I guess somehow I have credibility in giving some tips on what is the best time to buy in Divisoria, especially at the 168 Shopping mall or Divisoria Mall, right?=]

So what's the best time to haggle in Divisoria. In our experience, the best time would be a Monday, before lunch. Why?Because of the following:

  • Monday. Because people believe that when you spend money at the first day of the week, you tend to spend the whole week. That is why you will notice that there are less people inside the malls during Mondays. Though we believe that somehow, we tend to capitalize on that opportunity. Because there are less people buying, this is a good chance to have the leverage in haggling.
  • Early morning. It is a good chance that they haven't made their first sale yet, or the so called 'buena mano'. And when that happens, they are eager to give in the item to a much lower price just to make the first sale. They even beg you to buy their item if they don't have that buena mano. Sometimes, even if you haggle to a ridiculous low low price, you will be surprised that they will give the item for that price.
  • Sellers have the energy to entertain you as a customer. Sometimes when we buy in the afternoon, the salesladies tend to get snobbish. The reason is that maybe they made a lot of sale for that day, or maybe they are tired already. That is why morning is the best time because they have lots of energy during morning, and also reason number two.
That's it for now. I hope you learned something new today. I will be posting some tips on how we haggle and how we get the item for the cheapest price possible in the next posts. =]

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